A-Team - Todd Gauger
B-Team-Don Hoey

Practice starts Monday, Nov 14 @ 3:30 PM

Boys in grades 7th and 8th are allowed to participate in this program. We teach skills in conjunction with the high school so students planning to play in the following years will be prepared.

Students will be transported to the games by a school bus. Cheerleaders will travel with the team. If a player or cheerleader will not be riding the bus home with the team, a parent/guardian needs to sign them out after the game with one of the the coaches. A full uniform is supplied and must be returned at the conclusion of the season. Basketball shoes are needed and purchased by the athlete. Lost uniforms will be reimbursed by the athlete at the replacement cost.

Athletes are required to pay the $15.00 participation fee
as do all students involved in extra-curricular activities.

2016-17 Schedule

Nov 22 Sharon at Walworth
Nov 29 Walworth at Fontana
Dec 1 Reek at Walworth
Dec 6 Walworth at Sharon
Dec 8 Fontana at Walworth
Dec 13 Reek at Walworth
Dec 15 Sharon at Walworth
Jan 3 Walworth at Fontana
Jan 5 Walworth at Sharon
Jan 7
Boys Tournament at BFHS